About Us

Man Caterers & Events

Man Events & Caterers formed by Mr. Ali in the beginning of 2000. We are very interested in conducting colorful events. In World, the peoples are well educated and highly professional, extra thinking power persons. The culture depending on deep-rooted relations. Events are essential part of present time .In our home country, Man Events providing the wedding events, traditional events, catering service, stage decoration, car decoration, panthal works, birthday party, house warming etc. Today’s fast life we lost something memorable moments. Man Events give you something nostalgic and impressive moods, whenever you want part of it.

Catering Service

we make sure the food is authentic and mostly hygienic and safe. Its make you think that you are eating a home cooked meal.

Stage Decoration

we provide several types of decorations, if you are looking for something different then try out our wedding Decorations.

Car Decoration

to meet all your travel needs man events provide car rentals and car decoration service in different styles and designs.


we do whatever we can to alleviate stress of our clients and to help them get the most out of their planning and their wedding day.


pre-wedding customs are significant to Malayalee wedding. in a Malyalee custom the most important part of the wedding the engagement.

Panthal Works

we offers a wide range of panthal works for wedding events, traditional events, house warming, inagural function at reasonable prices.

Birthday Party

we provide you something nostalgic and impressive moods, we offer you the perfect location for bachelor parties and birthday parties.

House Warming

we make a number of types of food and decorations service for your housewarming most importantly economical, and reasonably priced budget.